July/September 2019
Guest editors Ricardo Flores & Eva Prats
Verbus Editrice, Milano

IQD is an architecture and design magazine published in Milan. For the last two years, each issue has featured a section in which different architects and designers are invited to edit its content. Flores & Prats have taken this role for the July/September issue, in which they develop the theme of ‘re-use’ in the world of things and ideas.
Under the title ‘Second Hand’, the issue collects a series of projects from creators of different disciplines – artists, filmmakers, chefs, designers, architects -, each in their own way capable of opening adding a different dimension to the definition of this term. There is no text that tries to define it or capture its essence, each project is described by its author. It is ultimately a collection of works of different hands, where the action came before, and later an explanation was sought. In the different projects, intuition and discovery are triggered by the encounter with some remains of the past.