Lunds Universitet, Lund, Sweden
16th-24th January 2023

Master of Advanced Architectural Design of LTH
Workshop led by Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats with Professors Maria Rasmussen and Andreea Marcu from LTH and White Architects.

Lund’s population is growing fast and the city is expanding over the cultivated land that surrounds it. As a consequence, the landscape of agriculture production is changing fast into a mix of Housing, University Buildings and Scientific Facilities.
This workshop aims to be an introduction into today’s ways of living of the inhabitants of Lund, and a reflection of what each one of us can consider home.
During its 5 days of duration, our aim is to research on the domestic life of Lund’s inhabitants, to listen and collect their explanations about their houses, how they use them, how much they relate to their neighbourhood, to learn about their daily routines, to know what they would change from the rooms that their inhabit and about the places around them…
Our aim is to read a possible future out of their explanations, critics, desires… that can provide to all the participants a richer definition on what we can consider “home”. The reflections and observations made during the workshop can be developed further in future design exercises on housing.